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Mattel continues producing certain editions. Sababa has gone out of business. Flair is a UK company. Fundex has taken over for Sababa. Hasbro has made one too.

UNO Houston Astros Edition

[released 2017 product # FYY41 ]

UNO Seattle Mariners Edition

[released 2017 product # FYY42 ]

UNO Minnesota Twins Edition

[released 2017 product # FYY43 ]

UNO Kansas City Royals Edition

[ released 2017 product # FYY39 ]

UNO New York Yankees Edition

[product # FYY33 ]

UNO Zoom Freak 3 Edition?

Design and game play are inspired by basketball MVP Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo's signature shoe, the Zoom Freak 3. The cards step out in colors and graphics from the shoes, and the card table becomes home court with the special "Force a Turnover" card!
[ released 2021 product # HHY68 ]

a Mattel Creation

UNO Super Bowl LVII Edition

A special "Touchdown" rule forces the last player to signal a touchdown to draw 3 cards.
[ product # HPW22 ]

UNO Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Edition

"Spirit of Competition" rule: When you play this wild card, you name a color & every player must reveal one card of that color from their hand; the player with the highest card gets to discard it.
[product # GNL01   released 2020 ]

UNO Space Jam: A New Legacy Edition

Play out this special edition of the UNO card game inspired by the 1996 original movie Space Jam & 2021 sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy. Welcome to the Jam wild card with a very special 'jump ball' rule.
[ product # GXV55 ]

My Boston Red Sox Edition

[ product # FYY35 ]

UNO Los Angeles Dodgers Edition

[released in 2017   product # FYY34]

UNO Chicago Cubs Edition

[released in 2018   product # FYY44  discontinued ]

UNO St. Louis Cardinals Edition

[released in 2018   product # ]

UNO San Francisco Giants Edition

[released in 2018   product # FYY36 ]

UNO Detroit TIgers Edition

... [product # FYY38 ]

UNO Cricket Edition

Wild Draw 4/6 Card: acts as a Wild Draw 4 card, but when played on top of any other wild card becomes Wild Draw 6. Wild Bouncer Card: whoever plays this card names a color, and the next player must play an Action card of that color. If they cannot, they draw one card & skip their turn. Market by Mattel Toys India.
[ released 2021   product # HJK96 ]

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