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on a canoe at Juniper Springs, Ocala, Florida

It's a Small World at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

Tyrone Square Mall

Northside Christian High School

Pizza Hut

ReneePrynne's house in Saint Leo

let us know where you have played UNO... [ ]

" ...my grandma's house... "

" at my aunt['s] house and at camp "

" in planes, cars, on the Grand Princess, Disney's Wonder, Sovergien of the Seas, in the bahamas, grand caym[a]n, coz[u]mel, pleasure island, downtown disney, tuscaloosa alabama, south bend indiana, The list goes on.. "

" I play UNO in the zamboni room at my ice rink... "

" My kids & I found ourselves enjoying a QUICK game of UNO at church! God, I hope I don't go to hell for this one. " Dallas, Tx

" I play UNO everyday during lunch with my friends at school. We even made up some of our own cards! "

" the absolute best place.. and best reason to play UNO is in a hotel room, with friends you just made.. you REALLY get to know each other that way.. and you can get lasting friendships because of it! "

" i have played [UNO]: in the car, on the train, park, home, chinse shop, church, when i am [at] camp   i love uno "

" Me Danielle and my family play uno in Luxembourg "

" i've played at my dining table, my friends house, clevelend ohio, my aunts house, my parents, meeting with my friend, papa johns "

" i have played it on an airplane to Miami "

" At the NYC museum school playing UNO is religous! Someone in school has to have a deck of UNO cards. I'm popular for my cards. We even had an UNO tournament! We played elimination and I was one of the first to get eliminated with my deck! "

" we have a club that gets together most Saturday nights form October to mid-April. We are a group of friends from the Rockford mi. USA area that range from 7 to 67. i am currently working on a web page for the group. "

" basically anywhere , even at school HEHE! its cool! I made new friends by playing UNO!!!! "

"Played UNO while watching Old Faithful...YNP"

"I am a special needs teacher in New Hampshire. I've been teaching for 25 years and my students have thoroughly enjoyed my growing collection of UNO games. Many of my students begin by not even knowing how to hold the cards! They have learned their colors and basic numbers throughout the years as well as the challenge of the game and good sportsmanship!
We LOVE the UNO game and I love to see their excitement after a very challenging time within the typical classroom. They have become the popular kids with Mrs. Mansfield and have earned time to show off their skills with peers. Seeing my students beat typically developing kids is just an amazing and heart-warming feeling!!! THANK YOU for that!!!"