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Thank you to those who have emailed me with their personal stories and UNO facts. I have included links to places you can find UNO products... As you can see, there is not much out there -- why I developed this page. If you have any scans, photos SEND THEM IN -- -- the UNO community is waiting!

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You can now download the official rules to UNO BLITZO, UNO Attack! & Original UNO
[ choose "Other Mattel Brands" then "Games & Puzzles" or input these codes:
42458: UNO BLITZO; 42001: Original UNO; 41943: UNO ATTACK! ]

Mattel has also put up a brand new site and I even saw a TV commercial for it: MattelGameFinder.com

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You can now download some rules from Sababa

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other UNO sources

toysrus.com eBay UNO Hearts rules
zooscape.com KB Toys Entertainment Earth

q & a

The Running Out of Color in Play Question
Now there has been some controversy as to the running out of the color in play. SOME people play the mamby pamby way -- that you only pick ONE card -- RIDICULOUS. The only TRUE way is to KEEP picking until you have the color in play -- even if you have to pick up the WHOLE deck. Yes, I realize the rules state you need only pick up one, but I challenge this rule. It is crap. Play it the way God intended -- the 'Cutthroat Way.'

Reverse Card for 2 Players
" ...a question regarding the rules the Reverse Card in the UNO game. Say for instance there are two individuals playing: myself and my sister, if I put down a reverse and then another reverse, whose turn is it mine or hers?? "

My thoughts: When there are two players and a Reverse Card is played it always reverts back to the person who played it.

Cards in a Deck
" We have a couple of UNO decks that have gotten confused. Can you tell me how many of each card make up a deck. "

" I have 2 sets of UNO cards that are combined, but think I have lost some of the cards. In the numbers 0-9, I assume there is 2 of each number, except one number has 1 of it; correct? Which number has only one card in each color? "

My thoughts: For the official count go here. Please note that the number cards 0-9 say 19 cards each colour. The 0 card only has ONE card in each color.

Going Out
Can you end the game with the skip or reverse card in a two player game? Is it treated like a normal last card discard or do you have to draw again?

My thoughts: You can end the game with any card you wish. The rules say that if you end with a Draw Two or Draw Four card that the next player must pick up those cards and add them to your points (if you are playing with points).

Personally I say go out any way you can!

The Pile On Question
" If someone lays a Draw Two card down and the next person also has a Draw Two card, can't he/she play that??? And then the next person has to draw four?
Right? And following that same theory...if the third person has also has a Draw Two card and lays it down...then the next person is forced to now draw six....and so on and so on.

Is this just some wild rule some kid made up when I played centuries ago??? "

" ...I have a debation question that I need answered badly... playing something they call pile ons... I'm believeing that you can pile on with the draw two's, (meaning if a player puts out a draw two, the player who has to pluck the two can put a draw two on top of that and so on). But in my opinion and reading the rules I think you shouldn't be able to do that with the draw fours's beings that its suppose to be the biggest, ultimate and as you say meanest card in the deck. And let me mention, it doesn't state anything about pile ons in the rules either. Question: Once a player throw out a draw four, can another player put another draw four on top of that one wheaeas that leaves the next player to have to draw eight (and so on....)? This is the ultimate question when playing this game. "

My thoughts: I personally have never heard of this rule. Theoretically speaking, if you are playing the "Pile On" Way I don't see why there would be a distinction between the Draw Two's or Draw Four's. Let me quote from the official rules -- the "WHAT WORD CARDS MEAN" section -- "Draw Two Cards - When this card is played, the next person to play must draw 2 cards and forfeit his turn". This implies that everything is null and void because the player getting the Draw Two's turn is over and the move done. Same for the Draw Four. Soooo... I don't think it would make a difference -- just a preference of the party playing. Of course the Draw Four is the BEST card because it gives the player the power to give someone 4 cards and to change the color in play!

Personally I don't think that I would enjoy the "Pile On," and because UNO is such a capitalist game, we can change the rules!

" When the draw pile runs out and you have to turn over the discard pile, do you shuffle it before you begin to draw from it? "

My thoughts: Refer to the official rules under "Going Out -- If no one is out of cards by the time the DRAW pile is depleted, reshuffle and continue play ".

Draw Four Card
" I need to know if this is legal. We were playing UNO (4 of us, not partners) and we play that you draw until you get a play card and the color is yellow, that's in play so the next person does not have a yellow so she draws until she gets a play card. The card that she gets to play is a draw four card and she wants to call it the same color that was just in play, is this aloud? The reason for the same color play is because she has alot of cards and the person in front of her has called UNO and she knows that they never had that color because they had to draw right before but got lucky and drew a yellow on the first card. I know the rules state that you may only play the draw four card if you don't have one of the previously played card, but she didn't have one so she had to draw to get a play card it just happened to be the draw four, doesn't she have the right to call th e draw four any color that she wishes? "

My thoughts: Well, the rules state that you can play the Draw Four card if you don't have the color card in play, and also says " call the next color played". The Wild Card can be played under any circumstance and you can call whatever color you wish. This implies to me that you can call WHATEVER color you like.

" When a draw four wild has been played and a color selected, then the next player picks up four penalty cards - can the next player after that play another draw four wild card even if he has the color designated? We can't find anything in the rules that directly addresses this situation. Would appreciate your input. "

My thoughts: Well, this poses an interesting conundrum! The only reason I can see for playing a Draw Four card directly after is if the next person has UNO. The nearest quote is from the "WHAT WORD CARDS MEAN" section: "There is a hitch, however (of course): you can only play this card when you don't have a card in your hand that matches the color of the card previously played." Does this imply that you only have to avoid the color on the Discard Pile? Theoretically, you could say that. You could also interpret the word "played" to be the word called with the Wild Card.

Personally, I believe you can NEVER call the color in play, but the rules aren't too specific. As an aside: it doesn't always matter what color you call because it will be changed before it gets back to you. I say do whatever it takes to keep the others from winning! I am interested to hear other player's thoughts! I will post more about this...

" When a Wild Card (or Wild Pick 4 or ANY Wild XXX) card is played wherein the person playing it may change the color, does the number on the discard pile still hold, and remain as a playable entity regardless of the color called. It would seem to me that because play is ALWAYS determined by number, color, or picture (in our game - picture = number except for action/word cards) - that if the next player can match the "number of record", that the "attempted" change of color simply becomes unsuccessful. In short, playing a wild card only allows you to change the color (suit), but you cannot ever change (take away) a card's number identity. Correct?

Actually, what we were doing (by my own rules - we're new at playing) was using two discard piles. One was for number cards, the other was for all of the "action" and wild cards. We sort of arbitrarily elected to treat action/wild cards as being very different, when in fact, for simplicity's sake (and to have only one discard pile), the action cards, with regard to matching, etc. should probably be treated just the same. I guess that there is also a little bit of "bias" in terms of importance - that color is a little more important and that the COLOR becomes something you can potentially change. "

 My thoughts: 

I am trying to find a site that sells UNO merchandise, specifically t-shirts, but I have been unsuccessful. I was wondering if you knew of any sites?

My thoughts: I am the proud owner of an UNO t-shirt which I purchased circa 1995. My deck of UNO cards is copyrighted 1992. The rules in this deck came with an order form for t-shirts, glasses and patches. They were out of patches, but I got the shirt. The only way to get a shirt would probably be directly from Mattel. If anyone knows of a way let us know!

What card to play
" When a word card is played, i.e. a red draw 2 card, the next player may play another draw 2 card of any color. However, he may not play a red skip card or a red reverse card....is this correct? We learned it that you must match the word card - i.e., a skip card plays on a skip card, a draw 2 plays on a draw 2 card. "

My thoughts: Well, you can match the word card with a word card from another color, just as you can match a number with another number of any color. I always thought the main idea of the game was to match the color. The official rules say, "The first player has to match the card in the discard pile either by number, color or word." This implies that you can match the card ANY of those ways. It uses the example of a red 7 -- match it with a red card or a different colored 7. So, word cards should not be given different treatment -- at least I don't see that in the rules...

My thoughts: I have never played that way. It is interesting, though.

Can you play a wild card on another wild card (or wild draw four)?

My thoughts: Of course you can! You are not required to be out of the color in play to play a Wild Card. To use the Wild Draw Four card you must be out of the color in play.

UNO Attack!
" Any ideas on what works best to clean rubber [for UNO Attack!]? We have been using alcohol ... no, not the drinking kind! We have also reduced the number of cards in the launcher which also seems to help. "

My thoughts: Experts say using harsh chemicals will make the rubber sticky -- I would stick with mild soap. Note that the Attack! rules suggest water or alcohol. Try one of these:
1. Baking soda mixed with a little water. Rub the paste over handles. (But not if they're black.)
2. Mild liquid soap and water. Apply with a clean sponge; rinse.
3. Mild spray cleaner.

" When playing UNO Attack, if you have UNO and it is the trade card to you go out or do you have to trade your card with another player and they win or what? I just got the game and that card confuses us. "

My thoughts: You cannot use the Trade Card to go out. The rules say...

Finding the Rules
" I recently purchased a used UNO Blitzo Game because of all the good things I have heard about it. Do you or anyone you know have the rules? "

" My son got uno attack for Christmas but it did not have any rules with it. can you email me the rules or tell me where to get them. "
" Can you please help me?? I purchased the disney version of uno for my daughter for X-mas and somewhere within all the chaos, the directions have gotten thrown away! "

If you need the special rules for UNO Harry Potter or UNO Extreme -- drop an email...

Mattel strongly urges anyone to call them. Click here for the email or phone number.
You can also find UNO BLITZO, UNO Attack! & Original UNO instructions at the Mattel site.

" We are sending some sets of UNO (Original) to children through an organization known as Samaritan's Purse in a couple of weeks for distribution at Christmas time. I am trying to locate a set of instructions for the game in French or Spanish to include with the English rules packed with the cards, since we don't know where the packages will end up for certain. We would want to make sure that someone would be able to translate the rules for the children, and can't be sure anyone will be able to read the English. Any suggestions?? "

[see contact information]

My thought: This sounds like a great organization. If you think so too...

Samaritan's Purse
PO Box 3000
Boone, NC 28607
Mattel Children's Foundation
333 Continental Blvd.
Mail Stop: M1-1418
El Segundo, CA 90245
Mattel, Inc. Toy Donations
333 Continental Blvd,
Mail Stop: M1-1418
El Segundo, CA 90245

gotta question? an answer? anything at all? lemme know!