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UNO Museum of Graffiti x Edition

pulses with the heart of street art. Featuring vibrant artwork by 8 street art legends from all around the world, this special deck celebrates the misfits, rule-breakers, and change-makers. Each artist designed 3 cards in total, with 1 of them being a WILD card designed live at the Art Basel Miami Beach event. Features artwork by 8 street art legends from around the world: Finok, Ladie One, Merlot, Queen Andrea, RasTerms, Sneke One, Tones Rock, and Yubia.
[released 2017 product # HTY18 ]

UNO Artiste Shepard Fairey Edition

​The fourth offering in the special UNO Artiste Series features the distinctive bold style of "Obey" street artist Shepard Fairey. With contemporary graphics and intricate designs, Fairey's art has reached everyone from skateboarders to presidents, inspiring fine art to activism. This special edition of the UNO® game features his art on every card as well as four special, two-sided cards that when put together create two different art pieces. It's a game time masterpiece! Just as important – this deck is fully recyclable, with everything made from paper. In celebration of this special deck, Mattel has donated to Ocean Conservancy, a favorite cause of the artist.
[released 2021 product # HGC02 ]

UNO Artiste Takashi Murakami Edition

Takashi Murakami works his mad magic on this UNO card deck. Flip to find his monstrously cute characters like smiling flowers, pandas, and the famous Mr. DOB. Designed in his signature Superflat style that's united "high" and "low" art. There are 4 double-sided "Extra Cards" that come together to form 2 Murakami masterpieces. Also comes with a 5x7 mini poster of Murakami's iconic smiling flowers.
[released 2022 product # HJR22 ]

UNO tokidoki Edition

Love is in the air in this heartfelt tokidoki version of UNO! Mattel Creations introduces the UNO deck reimagined with tokidoki's signature characters, drawing inspiration from the brand's DNA as a cute and playful. Includes special rule card, "Wild Sweetheart Shield" – whenever an opponent tries to break your heart by playing a Draw Two or Wild Draw Four card on you, play this card to block their card and protect your heart!
[ released 2022 product # HJM82 ]

UNO tokidoki

Sweatshirt features tokidoki x UNO logo on front and UNO graphics with signature tokidoki characters on back
[released in 2022   product # HMW60.BLA.S ]

T shirt features UNO graphics with signature tokidoki characters on front and graphic neck detail on back / 100% cotton
[released in 2022   product # HMW59.BLA.S ]

UNO tokidoki

Reversible Bucket Hat features tokidoki x UNO logo on one side; allover UNO graphics and tokidoki characters print on the other.
[released in 2022   product # HMW61 ]

UNO VeeFriends Edition

A first of its kind collaboration for the NFT community, the VeeFriends x UNO collab gives VeeFriends NFT collectors a chance to own a physical VeeFriends collectible…including - for the first time ever - a very special foil card! Includes special rule card, "Wild Sharing Squirrel" - the next player must take a selfie of themselves and all the cards in their hand, then post it to social media with the hashtag #veefriendsuno. 17 total different foil cards to chase.
[ released 2021 product #HLK98 ]

UNO Zoom Freak 3 Edition?

Design and game play are inspired by basketball MVP Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo's signature shoe, the Zoom Freak 3. The cards step out in colors and graphics from the shoes, and the card table becomes home court with the special "Force a Turnover" card!
[ released 2021 product # HHY68 ]

UNO Mister Cartoon Stance Edition

Mister Cartoon merges his tattoo and graffiti art in this box set complete with an UNO deck and a pair of Stance socks inside. From the symbols he chose to represent his Chicano artist heritage to clowns drawn in his "fine line" signature style.
[released in 2022   product # HJR26 ]

UNO Vivetta Ponti Edition

On occasion of the 50th anniversary of UNO, the beloved classic has been reinterpreted by Italian designer Vivetta Ponti. This project is in collaboration with Vogue Talents, an initiative dedicated to the international scouting of creatives and designers from the next generation.
[released in 2021  product # HGV75 ]

UNO drew house Edition

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of UNO, we're debuting this fashion-forward makeover from drew house.
[released in 2021   product # HGV76 ]

UNO drew house Visor

Our collaboration with drew house didn't stop with the UNO deck—we also designed a set of visors that let you show off your true UNO colors. These sleek visors are available in all four classic UNO colors with the laid-back drew house feel to keep your party game fresh. Materials: 100% cotton (band) and 100% transparent PVC (visor lid).
[released in 2021   product # HJY24.RED ]

UNO Artiste Nina Chanel Abney Edition

created in collaboration with Pharrell's Black Ambition (Black Ambition Opportunity, Inc.), a non-profit organization that will provide a bridge to success for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. As a part of this partnership, Mattel will be providing a financial donation to Black Ambition in support of the initiatives' efforts.
[released in 2020   product # HBT09 ]

UNO The Hundreds Edition

The chance to remix a classic like UNO with a brand like The Hundreds doesn't happen every day. This result is a collaboration that is authentic, unexpected, and sure to earn serious street cred where ever it's played.
[released in 2020   product # HDH88 ]

UNO The Hundreds

We couldn't resist offering this killer T along with the limited-edition UNO deck.
The WILD card in the UNO means having the power to change the game at any moment, so we thought this sweatshirt deserved the same amount of attitude.
[released in   product # ]

UNO The Hundreds

This black snapback features Adam Bomb anticipating his fate in white on the front and the word "UNO" centered underneath.
[released in   product # ]

UNO Moncler Genius

As we celebrate UNO's 50th, we went ahead and expanded our style game by partnering with iconic luxury brand Moncler.
These ultra-minimalistic decks feature the iconic yellow and black Moncler livery and branding elements and city graphic icons. Elevate your game night with these super-sleek, timeless, and limited-edition UNO decks. There are only a limited number of the Moncler X UNO decks, so get yours today!
[released in 2021   product # HHY66 | HHY67 ]

UNO The Hundreds

This black snapback features Adam Bomb anticipating his fate in white on the front and the word "UNO" centered underneath.
[released in   product # ]

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